A Walking Tour of New Brunswick, New Jersey (Look Up, America!)

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We depart from Niagara after PM on day 2. Q: Would it possible, we can two queen size beds in one room during our overnight stay? If answer is yes, how do I request that in our tour to make sure that we have two queen beds in one room? Thanks by Andrew Shah on A: Good afternoon, We are sorry the rooms will have 2 double beds.

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Each double bed is big enough for 2 adults. Maid of Mist is the only option I want to choose. So I want to make sure whether I have some time to visit Canada through the bridge while others are taking part in other options.

Please let me know. A: Good morning, Free time is limited since we only make time for the attractions listed in the itinerary. You need to talk to your guide on day 1 to inform your guide what you plan. You also need to make sure you are able to travel to Canada based on your nationality ahead of time. But I would like to extend one more night at Niagara Fall. If possible can it be arranged. Thank you by Tay on A: Good morning , You are able to extend your stay in Niagara.

You can either click on the Hotel link on the top portion of the page or answer yes to the last question on the book now section that says "Do you need to extend your stay".

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You will have to provide your own transportation to return to NY because we only provide transportation during the tour. Q: i am planning to take 2 days bus trip from NY?

NJ to Niagra fall. Thanks by Ranna on A: Good afternoon, Yes , you can choose a different drop-off location different from the on you chose for pick-up as long as they are listed as drop off points. Please inform us what locations you want after the reservation is made. Q: Do the tour guide and bus driver split the 8 dollar service fee? Do we need to pay 8 dollar to each of them?

Large-Scale Christmas Light Displays in NJ

Its collection contains more than 45, objects, some of which date back millennia. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants the best experience of Niagara falls. Really enjoyed the trip. Portable Document Format is gemaakt door Adobe voor zijn Acrobat-producten. Posted on: Name: Jane Star ratings: I recommend this tour! Get More out of Life with Kids. A: Di Alexander, Thanks for the concern.

Q: I have booked two seats for the tour How much lagguage am I allowed to take. I will have 4 bags since I have to catch a flight back to india the very day tour ends.

Q: i will be taking this tour on 15 may You will be able to join this attraction if you take the tour in May. The cave of the wind is not an attraction listed in this itinerary. We only visit locations listed in the itinerary. Q: I am interested in taking a 2 days tour to Niagara. I have a return flight from JFK at am. Will tour return in time for me to catch my flight? A: Good afternoon, This tour does not have airport drop off services available.

You will have to provide y our own transportation to JFK.

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The tour normally gets back to NY around PM. You will have free time if you choose not to join these the attractions we usually stay at these attractions for about 45 minutes. Q: Hi, I would like to register this tour in May, can I know what hotel will we be staying? One more question, we have 5 person here, is there any discount for the fifth person?

A: Good morning, The hotels we normally use for this tour are R. Q: After reaching Niagara Falls till what time does the bus wait before leaving for hotel? Can we see the night lightings? I am planning to book the tour on 1st July by Archita on A: Good morning , This tour normally gets back to the hotel after PM.

You are welcome to stay at the Niagara falls later to watch the Illumination show, however you will need to get to your hotel at your own expense. Tour is a 3 day tour but has the Night time Illumination included in the itinerary. Q: Hi, we are keen to travel on Tour code Question: Can you arrange 2 of us depart from New York, and on next day arrange us to go Washington DC by end of trip on the next day?

Travel date: end April by Edison on Please see tour Q: Hi, we are interested in your tour with the tour Code: If we 3 adults book it for the 9th of May will we visit the glass Museum or the Watkins Glen state park on the first day of the tour? Kind regards Michelle by Michelle on A: Good morning , We normally go to the Corning Glass Museum during winter since that attraction is indoors. We visit the Watkins Glenn Park in Spring and Summer when the weather is more pleasurable to be outside. You may want to depart the next day or at least give yourself 2 hours to get to your stop if you are going to make a reservation for a bus after the tour.

A: Good afternoon, You can choose 1 pick up point to make the reservation then your can contact us to make the adjustment for you. Please notify us as soon as you make the reservation so we can make the adjustment in a timely manner. Q: Hi, how much luggage are we able to bring with us as my partner and I are travelling and will need have a large suitcase each? Q: hello, i plan to go to the niagara falls with this tour in Febrary.

I really want to take Maid of the Mist! Is it available? Thanks for your time. A: Good morning, This Niagara falls tour will be available in February however some attractions will not be available due to it being winter. The maid of the mist attraction will be closed in February , it is usually open by the end of April based on weather conditions. Q: First sorry about my unsed English. Do I need booked a hotel self? A: Thank you for your interest in this tour. You may dismiss in Niagara Falls, NY on the day 2. One night Hotel is included in the tour.

The tour includes 1 night hotel accommodation, Transportation and Tour guide. Im wondering what attractions will and will not be available during January. However, maid of the mist and Jet Boat Ride should not be available during the winder. Other optional attractions will be open during the winter. Q: Do I get to see the night view of the Niagara falls in this tour? A: Thank you for your email, Unfortunately this tour does not include the Illumination attraction.

We do have other tours that does include it. Then, after cruise, how many free hours do I get before departure to New York? The hotel I stay provides free breakfast on a second day? Thank you.

A: Good morning, You are welcome to join any optional attraction listed on the itinerary of your choice on day 2. Talk to your guide for free time available during your tour.

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I am sorry meals are excluded in the price. Q: Do i need to buy the maid of the mist ticket in advance online by sean on A: No, you needn't. You just pay cash to tour guide and tour guide will arrange for you. A: Thank you for your email, I can't really tell you what to do, I don't recommend you travel overnight, you will be too tired to enjoy the tour. What you think is best for you, be aware if you miss your tour we will not give a refund or reschedule your tour dates.

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Q: Hi! Will the tour have enough time for the zip line attraction? We are ready to miss the movie as well, if required.