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In other words, what purpose does minor eschatology serve?

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The answer lies in narrative and genre dynamics. The apocalypse is no doubt a strong tool of seduction. Knowing that humanity has been obsessed with the concept of apocalypse since the birth of civilization, now that we actually have the means to destroy our planet or have done enough to damage the environment irreversibly , it is unlikely that this fascination will subside, hence the subjugation inherent in any novel toying with the End.

Of course, conversely to Brooks, the end we are discussing here is not the end of the text, but the end of the world, which is essentially the means for these authors to reach their end: a familiar defamiliarization, or a moderate uncanny. In fiction, we are prompt to imagine or exaggerate apocalyptic signs because we crave the fear and drama. Only up to a certain point.

Not unlike magic realism, minor eschatology thrives on the discrepancy between its apocalyptical setting and a reality that still resembles ours. The essays collected in this special issue of Transatlantica certainly help us understand the various political, ecological, narrative stakes and the poetic scope of this peculiar vision of an end that refuses to be the End. In The Echo Maker , major American eschatologies are undermined and the everyday as the unfamiliar here and now is reinstated. Quite the opposite. This novel sets new standards for post-apocalyptic fiction in the way it uses the most extreme tropes of the genre cannibalism, global [nuclear? Davo sees an obvious parallel between eschatological literature and theological writings. After the End: Representations of Post-Apocalypse. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Reading for the Plot. Design and Intention in Narrative.

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The Ghost Chronicles by Ron Kolek Paperback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post

New York: Pocket Star Books, New York: Bantam, The Last Man. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Station Eleven. Find Me. New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, The Age of Miracles.

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Beyond Life: The Ghost Chronicles is a book of fictional tales that allows the reader to gather the perspectve of what ghosts may experience in their afterlife. Title: Beyond Life: The Ghost Chronicles Beyond Life: The Ghost Chronicles is a book of fictional tales that allows the reader to gather the perspectve of what.

Gold Fame Citrus. He sets off with a few friends on a mission to find Chase and bring back Bo and Astrid Hammacher, the missing shapeshifter twins, who should have turned into sphinxes long ago and instead vanished without a trace. But Hal has another reason to get away, for werewolf blood courses through his veins Prison of Despair Island of Fog Book 8 of Everything is quiet in the village of Carter.

SANDRA WELLS Author: BEYOND LIFE: The Ghost Chronicles

Too quiet. When nighttime intruders take dozens of villagers hostage, the shapeshifters find themselves up against a familiar enemy and are powerless to do anything except cooperate and spend time in the dreaded Prison of Despair, a dismal place in the woods with an insidious curse. Hal and his resourceful friends find ways to escape the prison undetected and discover the true reason the scrags are there Castle of Spells Island of Fog Book 9 of Not only that, but the scrags now have the power to create shapeshifters!

Hal and his friends set out to infiltrate the Swarm's hideout, a castle perched on the cliff over the coastal town of Brodon.

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But the confined spaces make it difficult to transform, and Hal resorts to secrecy and sabotage rather than outright dragon mayhem Forest of Souls Island of Fog Book 10 of The shapeshifters return for their tenth adventure! After a run-in with a steamer dragon, Hal is the hero of the day Worse, some of Hal's best friends are taken as well. The remaining shapeshifters unite to bring down the merciless villain and end her foul plot forever This special box set combines the first three books of the Island of Fog series into one adventure-packed volume at a great price. Follow the mystery and excitement as Hal Franklin and his friends discover who — and what!

If you enjoy this trilogy, you can collect the rest of the series for even more action! The adventure continues with Lake of Spirits , where Hal and the gang meet a beautiful mermaid-like creature who might be more trouble than she looks — which leads to the Roads of Madness , the abandoned streets of the mainland where dangerous gangs roam. With plenty of peril and action, not to mention possible romances, the cliffhanger at the end of Book 4 will make you glad you got these two books together.

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As a medium, I know it takes a leap of faith to voice the information that is being received. Some archetypes are overly familiar and a few twists take too long to develop, but fans of period garb and Brit-accented chatter should be able to look past it. One need not be a house. Do you have any kids? Marisha Pessl, 'Night Film'. Beyond the Edge Radio.

Where does a shapeshifter go to recharge when the region has been wiped of magic? Chamber of Ghosts offers an ideal solutions despite its creepy residents.

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But the local lycans prove to be a real problem, and this carries over into Valley of Monsters when Hal and his friends seek a long-lost pair of sphinxes, old friends of Miss Simone who went missing long ago. A great pair of books to read in one sitting. This two-part tale wastes no time getting started when dangerous scrags take hostages.

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But why? The truth is revealed when the shapeshifters confine Queen Bee to the Prison of Despair — and from there it's a mad dash to thwart her Swarm before they can steal something precious from the science laboratory. They end up at the Castle of Spells , where a battle between monsters is inevitable. Forest of Souls , the tenth book in the Island of Fog series, pairs with the fifth book in the Island of Fog Legacies series set twenty years later. A faun plots to rid the world of humans, and while Hal and his friends have their work cut out dealing with her first experimental attempt, it's the next generation of shapeshifters that take on the faun's far more deadly plan.

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This is a special series crossover box set, coming in Fall when Death Storm is published. Eye of the Manticore Island of Fog Chronicles. Thomas Patten and his classmates grew up on a foggy island, each destined to become a shapeshifter, able to transform into a fabulous creature of myth and legend. But Thomas's first transformation came early.

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Frightened, he ran away and got himself hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar forest and an entirely different world. Now, six years later, he must choose between a continued life with manticores in the forest Monsters in the Fog Island of Fog Chronicles. Secrets abound on a lonely, foggy island where a handful of survivors shelter from a virus that has wiped out most of humanity. Delve into the lives of eight classmates and witness firsthand, from their own perspectives, their frightening transformations into creatures of myth and legend.

The Island of Fog story is retold from varying points of view in this special collection of short stories originally published on the author's website. Tails of a Shapeshifter Island of Fog Chronicles.