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Female Cockatiels will usually show late term symptoms of end binding. If you suspect egg binding may be the cause always consult your local Avian Vet for advice. If you suspect a female may be egg bound you can try the following methods, especially if the female is a chronic egg layer or has a history of egg binding.

Ensure the hospital cage is preheated before placing the bird inside.

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The stream produced may help the egg pass. Medium sized box — large enough to have cold and warm sections;.

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Heat lamps can be clamped or hung over one side of the box. Use common sense, high temperatures or faulty equipment may cause a fire;.

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This should create some humidity or steam;. Spark contains carbohydrates and electrolytes to help support birds during times of stress;.

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If her condition deteriorates contact your avian vet; and. Then place the female into a heated hospital cage or warm place to properly dry.

Rescued Cockatiel Attempts To Start A Happy Family ❤ Bird Breeding Tips ❤

If a female is a chronic egg layer she may require additional calcium supplements. Your avian vet can advise on the best method of calcium intake, in some cases injections may be required.

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If a female has low calcium levels Hypocalcaemia may cause the uterine muscles to contract not allowing the female to pass the egg, causing egg binding. Birds that suffer from Hypocalcaemia are more prone to bone fractures and seizures. Excessive Sunflower seed can make the problem worse.

This blend has less sunflower. Reducing high fat seeds may discourage birds from entering the breeding cycle;. Remove all nesting or nesting like materials — Nest boxes, Happy Huts or bird houses;. Provide her with fake eggs.

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If she begins that lay eggs on the bottom of the cage, which is common do not remove them. If you do, she will simply lay more. Ensure she has easy to access to food and water and monitor her weight. Some females may sit on their infertile eggs up to 4 weeks. If you are worried the eggs may become rotten, plastic fake eggs would be a suitable alternative. Swap the eggs by moving the female away from the nesting area;.

The most common disease to affect Cockatiels in Australia. This common disease often affects birds during times of stress. Often seen in hand raised Cockatiels, some can have the disease and never show symptoms, others may show signs a few days after taking the bird home which is usually a stressful time. Psittacosis is a zoonotic disease meaning it is transferable to people. These days Psittacosis is easily tested and diagnosed in birds and humans as long as it is quickly and corrected diagnosed.

Often mixed into drinking water. Always consult your Avian Veterinarian for dosage levels. It is more cost effective to buy this product yourself. In emergencies often injections are given. See more about Psittacosis. This is the most asked question we receive, both sexes have their pros and cons but both can still make excellent companions.

Cockatiels reach sexual maturity between years, at that time some mutations colours can be sexed visually. The only way to accurately sex a young Cockatiel is by DNA sexing. Most breeders will not do this as the price of DNA testing becomes more expensive most breeders will opt not to DNA sex their young birds. Some breeders may offer this service but would always be at the cost of the buyer. If you decide a Cockatiel would best suit your lifestyle, it's best to buy one that is hand raised, as they are raised from a young age to be tame companions.

Choosing the healthiest most active bird is not all you will be looking for, use the guide below to help you through the process.

Allow enough time to observe the Cockatiels in their cage, this is where they are most comfortable and will show their true colours;. Always ensure they are fully weaned eating independently, no formula. At least two weeks from weaning is ideal. If you observe the Cockatiels eating in their cage, that is a good sign. Young Cockatiels cry screech to be fed when being raised, a fully weaned bird should not do this;. Look for a bright, active and tight feathered Cockatiel. If the bird shows particular interest in you and has bright clean eyes, clean beak mouth and vent bum , this would be the best Cockatiel to consider taking home;.

Whenever buying a Cockatiel, take particular interest in their living conditions.

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Cockatiels: Care and Breeding (Practical Bird Care Book 2) - Kindle edition by David Alderton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones . Products 1 - 60 of Birds Books Cockatiel Handbook (Pet Handbooks) · Quick look ADD. RRP £ You save £ (2%) A Family Guide To Keeping Chickens: How.

Cages should be clean, brightly lit and have no smell. Any animal kept in overcrowded, damp dirty conditions are more susceptible to disease and a sign of poor husbandry;. Never buy a hand raised bird you have not handled. Always ensure you buy the exact brand of food whether it be seed or pellets that the Cockatiel is currently eating.

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Staying on the same food will ensure a smooth transition to its new home and reduce the risk of the Cockatiel regressing and unnecessary stress. NEVER change the diet of a young Cockatiel that is already weaned onto a particular diet straight away. If you want to change the Cockatiels staple diet e. Ensure you have the necessary accessories before picking up your new Cockatiel.

If you are buying a Cockatiel from a breeder or store that does not sell accessories, at least ask what brand of food they are feeding and have it ready;. Filled with color photos. Color photos throut. Cockatiels for Dummies by: Grindol, Diane Covers all aspects of cockatiels, focusing on how to feed, house, and train them. You can count on this friendly guide for tips on how to have a great relationship with your cockatiel. Pets-Breeding-Showing by: Reed, Mamcy Equipment, diet, health, as pets, breeding, showing, standards, how-to's. Complete Book Of Cockatiels by: Grindol, Diane All your questions answered in this complete book for the cockatiel enthusiast. Complete Cockatiel by: Vriends, Matthew Dr.

Cockatiels: Care and Breeding

Expert advice on selection, feeding, housing, taming, training, breeding, genetics, and health care. A detailed chapter on genetics and color breeding is also included. Historical background and a discussion of the cockatiel in the wild add further interest.