Foot-Washing and YEHOVAHs Ecclesia!

Verbum et Ecclesia
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As no one is allowed to approach a king or prince without due preparation, which includes the washing of the hands and feet, so the Israelite, and especially the priest, is forbidden in his unclean condition to approach God, for if such a one came defiled, he was subject to die.

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When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground. Feet washing in the New Testament is found in Luke It is six days before the Passover Luke a Pharisee named Simon invited Jesus to his home for a meal. I entered your house; you gave me no water for my feet, but she has wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.

Dear friends, what can WE do as did this woman?

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How can we anoint the minds of our brethren, as suggested by the head? This is so important, as would we not ourselves wish others to pray for us to more than overcome , which is the desire of our entire existence—to bring JOY to the Father by pleasing Him more? What more than to feel his Perfect Loving counsel moment by moment? How can we show true hospitality likewise to our fellow brethren in Christ? The specific and precise answer for each consecrated child of God may be unique and personal, just as each has been given by God uniquely specific talents to use in His service in the body of Christ.

See post titled: A Proper Fear. Let it not!

Since Simon was a Pharisee, he may have considered himself to be rather important and may have felt he had bestowed an honor to Jesus by inviting him to dinner. Was Simon embarrassed or afraid of what others would think of him if he showed Jesus hospitality? This Jesus who had allowed the woman considered in the public eye as inferior, to come near him? What a beautiful illustration how true Christians should treat their most valuable assets on earth—the feet members of Christ that remain.

In these we see Christ. They profess consecration, and evidence this with acts of true loving kindness, and manifestations of concern, gentleness, patience, assistance, and sympathy. They strive to bless others as Mary did with Jesus, lavishing costly, symbolic perfume upon the body of Christ, the Church.

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Let us not allow differences along one line or another, nor misunderstandings, hinder us from seeking to do good unto all that we have opportunity, especially the household of faith. Galatians , 1 Peter , Psalm , Micah Feetwashing being necessary at that time, became a synonym of service and kind hospitality. To illustrate this same principle of service and humility, Jesus used this same custom on the night of the Last Supper:. The disciples must have been shocked and silent that the Great Teacher, their Lord, would do such a thing. Then Peter was willing to have his whole body washed , yet Jesus pointed out that he who is clean needs only to wash his feet.

Jesus pointed out that not all of them were clean, the reference obviously being made to Judas.

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By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. Not until they had received the holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, were the disciples of Christ able to manifest their determination to serve Christ in a way that would enable them to become pillars of the Church Acts , , 33, Charles T.

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Russell, Biblical Expository 1. Here are some encouraging words of Br. In that case a divine body would not suit us, for such a body is unlimited in bodily capacities. There are hundreds of opportunities of showing the meek, lowly, and loving spirit of our Master. To this end all have been urged to make only very simple arrangements, that both visitors and entertainers may have their principal feast upon the spiritual meat. Come, then, expecting a warm welcome to such plain things as we have ourselves. Each of us should realize that we have something to give for the edification of the body. We should be faithful in contributing to our ecclesia studies, praying for others, and being a model of someone whose life is undergoing the transformation process; being, therefore, an example of a believer. Thank you brethren, it is important that we keep our brethren before thank us in prayer and foot washing as we have opportunity.

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JOHN – Washing One Another’s Feet – A Privilege – BIBLE Students DAILY

It's a vibrant religion which can draw on a surprising amount of ancient sources. We are supposed to be one. Fools are unaware that they are doing [something] evil. The one Law Gal we must obey is often overlooked in religions based on rules, rituals, and traditions. We can transcend the physical laws to worship in Spirit. One must realize the lens Barton Johnson was looking through was before our nationalist expansion was quite done, no major wars since the Civil War for America.

Powered by Blogger. On the washing of feet. I wonder if my girlfriend will read this post. If so, hi sweetie, sorry to gross you out so early in the morning. I know you can't stand feet--all but mine and yours--and to read an entire post about them might be a bit much.

Foot-Washing and YEHOVAHs Ecclesia!

It's alright if you stop reading now. I'll be talking about groves tomorrow, so that's going to be a lot less icky. Alright, with that out of the way, I will offer a quick introduction of the topic at hand before I actually get started on it: today we will look into the little talked about practice of the washing of feet within the context of xenia.

It's something I have been curious about ever since I first read the Odysseia. I had completely forgotten I wanted to post about it, however, until this morning, when Robert of Doing Magick wrote about his recent experience with the practice--though for different reasons. But listen to one thing I must say.

Many a long-suffering traveller have we welcomed here, but never a man resembling another as you resemble Odysseus in looks and voice — even your feet. With this, the old woman, preparing to wash his feet, poured cold water into the shining basin then added hot. Odysseus swiftly sat down by the hearth, and turned towards the shadows, though he had a sudden premonition that as she handled him she would notice his scar and the truth would be out.

It was this scar the old woman felt as she passed her hands over his leg, and recognising it she let his leg fall.

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The parallel between the foot-washing at the Laver in the outer court of the Temple, and that performed by the Messiah at his last meal, is clear and unerring. Foot-Washing and YEHOVAH's Ecclesia! - Kindle edition by John Keyser. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

The bronze rang as his foot struck the basin, upsetting it, and spilling the water on the ground.