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Huh, that sounds like a really interesting race. Jesse M, the psychopathic trait that correlates with presidents is fearless dominance. Which is the basically the tendency towards boldness.

One does not start a rational discussion about a topic by choosing a word with strong mindkilling connotations and gratituously using it as a label for something else. Also, I believe that the topic of sociopathy should be given serious attention in the rationalist community and is currently given zero attention, and any attempt to debate it would probably invite many clever contrarian dismissals. Again, one does not achieve the necessary clarity of mind by using the term gratituously as a label for something else.

The names are chosen more for titillation than information. He could have made up new terms without any baggage, but that would defeat his own purpose.

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Dunno how to posts links here, so:. Better than inviting conflusion between clinical sociopaths and subtle self-interested elite conspirators.


They do not have personal access to wealth, but in the course of their jobs i. He seems to be a very talented creative individual with unpopular views which he is very open and aggressive about.

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Not a secret manipulator type. E1 is the Bavarian Illuminati and maybe the Gnomes of Zurich; the secret rulers of the world, with power, privilege, and immunity that Theodore Beale can only dream of. Their true names may be listed in the phone book, or at least the corporate 10K filings, but still nobody really knows who they are. Well, except for the bit where any half-wit conspiracy theorist can rattle off dozens of names anyhow. It makes a pretty compelling case that E1 exists, and gives us a view into one subset of it the E1 demographic.

I am an only slightly reformed libertarian. The alignment of the Red tribe with one party and Blue with another is, the situation is not as neatly divided in countries which do not have a two-party system. I know at least one, maybe two or three such people. Ownership, in the long term, requires too much trust in property rights. This confusion causes him to mis-place Bush, Clinton, etc. Please expand on this. Who is E1, in your view, and what do E1 people care about? Are they all laughing monsters, and if not, what distinguishes them from E2 and E3? Mass anti-government protests are engineered.

They send the army or riot police to keep the crowds from rioting but otherwise just pray the problems magically go away. The protesters think the police shot them. The police think protesters shot them.

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And the revolution goes from there. The same formula played out the same way in Libya, then Syria and Ukraine. E1 are the people who sent in the snipers. They also try to persuade everyone that Bielefeld exists. I should actually read Weber I guess. This makes the police even less likely to help you. E1 is silly and people have already commented on how including me, the last time the Church essay came up.

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While all classes can have good and bad people[…], Elites have a generally negative influence on society, and Gentry are generally positive. Obvious political cheering is obvious. Most of the early Soviet leadership came out of what they called the petit bourgeoisie, ironically enough.

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Sabrina Fairchild is the young, shy, and awkward daughter of the household chauffeur, who has been infatuated with David all her life, but whom David hardly notices till she goes away to Paris for two years and returns an elegant, sophisticated, beautiful woman. There is nothing in this division that is worth keeping. Brian joins a political resistance movement aiming to get the Romans out of Judea. He is on the trail of stolen nuclear weapons that are in the hands of fanatic terrorists when something more important comes up. Saul Degraw: Flip the usage around.

The Nazi base skewed if anything a bit lower. I also suspect that the post-WWI aristocracy was a pretty different beast than the pre-WWI in most of Europe and maybe the States as well; the early modern aristocracy had a very martial character to it, and its sons, at least early in the war, were pulling strings to get sent to the trenches. Not coincidentally, it took very heavy losses. The last paragraph corrisponds to the extinction of the Optimate class in the Moldbuggian framework, though the war here is Civil.

The characterization of ideological conflicts leading into World War 2 as largely middle-class projects is incorrect. Examining it from the viewpoint of party politics will lead to this view because party politics are a largely middle class phenomenon, but your narrative priviliging party politics must be justified, I am interested in hearing one.

app.userengage.io/shadowboxing-representations-of-black-feminist-politics.php The Pacific War was a more geopolitically driven and less ideological conflict anyway, though. The elite vs.

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Have you read Freakonomics? Specifically, the chapter about drug dealers. It talks a lot about how drug gangs are set up like fast food franchises, including having a board of directors made up of extremely wealthy people. If so, do you have any info on their actual structure? Who authorizes these transactions on the bank side?

Who contacts the banks on behalf of the gangs?

Nornagest: the early modern aristocracy had had a martial character since time immemorial, as far back as the proto-Indo-Europeans according to some academics. I read an interesting book on the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars called The First Total War by David Bell that discusses the taming of the martial aristocracy by Louis XIV, XV, and XVI, by forcing them to do things like live in Versailles and dance for fun rather than on their estates and hunt for fun and the replacement of clergy in many clerical jobs with the new noblesse du robe.

I also just remembered that the courtesy title for large landowners i. Breaking the link between landowning and martial spirit was a long process. I rather think you understate this than anything else. Linear B tablets and the Iliad can be seen as evidence that warrior chiefs were priests and vice versa. The Germanic branch of IE seems to have been the same. Owing to the wider context I read you as saying the elite might not have been martial before then. With your actual point I have no disagreement.

Then, around ish, they became elders, and were expected to set violence aside, and take up debate and wisdom in its place. Might not remember correctly. In Polynesian chiefdoms, for example, chiefs are literally superhuman relative to commoners, being full of mana and surrounded by taboos like the gods themselves. This does not stop them from personally committing homicide, and indeed the lines between war, judicial execution and human sacrifice are vague until a society bans the last.

My dad is from a very wealthy Jewish family who do things like read about String theory for fun and work in politics. There are obvious differences in class, but there is a surprising amount of high-class stuff that the labour people like.

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In some way, that is way more impressive than one of the Jews reading all of Tolstoy. Even if they are still immediately recognizable as labour-class. Selection effects: out of all the women born from single mothers, your mother married a rich Jewish guy, and out of all the people whose grandparents were single mothers, you are reading SlateStarCodex.

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