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Creating a safe zone within your online community should resemble a family. Are you scared to be yourself with your family and closest friends? Probably not. That is the same feeling members of an online community should experience. Your community may be smaller, but if it is stronger, then that is a positive thing as well. If someone comes into your forum and attacks other users, makes racial comments, or otherwise disrupts the flow of give and take, then they can do damage to your site and reputation. While it is unfortunate that some people have to be banned, you sometimes have to do so for the sake of the rest of the community.

They may be your competition trying to make you look bad or simply a snarky person. Probably one of the best ways to learn how to create a successful forum is to study those that are particularly well done and then implement the features that you think would work best for your own site. ProBlogger is a website for bloggers.

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The board is essentially a forum. Those who need to hire a blogger post potential jobs and job seekers can read the posts and private message the potential employers.

There are plenty of reasons to use MyBB, but these are some of our favorites.

Forum spamming is a breach of netiquette where users repeat the same word or phrase over and over, but differs from multiple posting in that spamming is usually a willful act that sometimes has malicious intent. For example, in the user title, it is deemed inappropriate for users to use words such as "admin", "moderator", "leader" and so on. While not harmful, statements that attempt to enforce the rules are discouraged. Main article: BBCode. Categories: Internet Forums and Message Boards. Have they become more mature? Download 3.

The forum is set up to make a profit. Those who are looking for an employee can pay a small fee to post their jobs. However, the boards are free to job seekers. This is a model similar to what some of the resume sites offer, such as Monster. Startup Nation is a site that caters to people wanting to start a new business. There are thousands of topics in their online forum from which to choose. Tens of thousands of users discuss different issues.

One of the things that works well about this forum is how streamlined and organized it is.

Whatever topic you need help with, you can simply go the main page of the forum and find the correct category. Warrior Forum is a strong online community and people on there tend to be very helpful to one another. Categories on the forum are clearly laid out with new categories on top. Within each category is a sub forum where the topics are broken down even further. There are millions of threads and posts on this site. One of the things that Warrior Forum does that keeps people coming back is to have experts offering tips, streaming advice, and answering questions.

One of the great things about online forums is that you can center the conversation around a very niche topic. PPRuNe is a site that is just basically a forum. They offer conversation for professional pilots. Basically, if it is in some way about flight, then there is a topic for it. What is so unique about this site is how focused it is on a specific industry.

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There are over million posts on the site and about 7, users participating in discussion. The site was started in , so it has an established fan base.

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It is likely the humor that keeps people coming back to this site and that is something you can implement on your own forum no matter the topic. Just remember that humor is subjective. Stay away from topics that might offend a percentage of your site visitors. The niche for this site is college and soon-to-be college students.

One of the things this site is doing particularly well is offering tools to help its target demographic.

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Social Media Today states that forums are the new blogs in Adding a forum seems to be a smart move, given that you have enough traffic to sustain a conversation. Lori Soard has been working as a freelance writer and editor since Her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, online and she's had several books published. Since , she has worked as a web designer and promoter for authors and small businesses. She even worked for a short time ranking websites for a popular search engine and studying in-depth SEO tactics for a number of clients.

She enjoys hearing from her readers.

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How to Start and Run a Forum Website. Article written by: Lori Soard. Blogging Tips Updated: Jan 04, About Lori Soard Lori Soard has been working as a freelance writer and editor since Connect: Website Twitter Facebook. Recent Host Reviews. Similar Articles Like This. LL , a Labuan F.

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We've got you covered. Choose your own domain and create your own forum with ease.

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Show ads, get sponsors, accept donations, or charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee to view the forum, view specific categories, read discussions, or download files. Excellent customer service Website Toolbox proved to be one of the most comprehensive forum services we came across. It doesn't get more user-friendly than this.

Our customers love it and the customization available is flexible enough to allow us to "brand" the forums so that they fit with our main site. Search Engine Optimization is built into the foundation, driving more traffic to your forum. Great software should be intuitive. It shouldn't take days of your life to set up and manage. We make forums simple, easy, and user-friendly.

Users can send instant messages to each other while browsing your forum, keeping them on your forum for longer. Sometimes discussions need to happen faster. Gather your community in the chat room to accelerate the pace of the conversation! Your forum will always be available, secure, and automatically backed up.

Anti-spam protection is built-in, and you can easily control exactly who can access what, approve posts and registrations, privatize your forum, and much more. Website Toolbox. Features Pricing Log In Create your forum.