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The much-repeated idea that online learning shifts the professor from sage on the stage to guide on the side is simplistic, inaccurate, and harmful to online learning. At no time should a professor give up being a sage. Faculty spend many years cultivating their expertise, and that expertise needs to be shared with students. Mentoring and coaching are valuable, but not sufficient. For example, in a flipped classroom, the professor's lecture might be recorded for out of class viewing, releasing the professor for more hands-on work in the classroom, but the professor has still shared general or targeted knowledge in the video lecture and applied that knowledge in a more group based fashion during class time.

MOOCs have brought famous professors before thousands of students precisely through these short video lectures combined with the professor's custom designed learning material.

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In Secrets , in addition to managing the forums, I recorded video lectures for each episode. I wrote out the full script for each episode, first.

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Secret Combinations: an international mystery thriller (Jack Kenyon mystery novel Book 1) - Kindle edition The Puppet Master (Brooks/Lotello Thriller Series). FBI Agent Jack Kenyon is an expert at cyber warfare, in which hackers and secret as well as Secret Combinations his first book in a mystery fiction series.

These scripts ranged from 17 to 30 pages. I then indicated within these larger scripts where breaks would occur in the taping. Thus, one script served three or four lectures. Focus EduVation recorded all eight lectures over two full days using a blue screen and teleprompter both very helpful, but not essential.

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Mounce, Howard; Mounce, H. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But the sudden passing of his aunt Lydia in London complicates his plans. They are West India people, not very polished, but certainly very good-natured. Bibcode : Natur.

Later, the videos were edited into smaller chunks of mini lectures, which work best in online learning. Focus EduVation also added computer animation post-production, but this would not be necessary in most courses. In other words, the professor's sagacity manifests itself through a series of short lectures, managing the forums, and overseeing the direction of the course. The story ties perfectly to my two lectures. Professor Grey briefs the team on the investigations they will undertake focuses on the film The Matrix , the video is 7 minutes and 16 seconds , 3 which students are required to watch.

Thus, the course content—from investigations, to online forums, to the professor's briefings, to the game narrative—is all seamlessly interwoven into the game. Although video lectures, like animations and other interactive experiences, should be short, they do not need to be minimalistic. Students can and should be able to pay attention for more than three minutes at a stretch. They certainly do in a traditional classroom. What really matters, I reiterate, is the need to integrate the game and content at every point. Another game element that a game-based course needs to stress is fun. More than anything, student feedback has pointed out how much more fun S ecrets is compared to their other online courses, which are all too often perceived to be formulaic and dull. Fun does not mean easy. On the contrary, Secrets demands more from students than any other level course I have taught in over 20 years of teaching.

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Students like the variety of composing a multimedia autobiography and the challenge of difficult investigations. Challenges are fun. How many games make use of puzzles and puzzle-like structure? Too many to count.

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Secrets is built around a large puzzle, but there are smaller puzzles to solve within the course about who is who and what is what. The narrative also keeps students off balance through unexpected twists and turns that I do not want to reveal. Here is the investigation students had to complete:.

Create an imaginary dating profile—use your avatar from Episode One—and send that profile to your partner. You must then compose an email responding to your partner's profile using Blackboard's My Messages system. Your partner must then respond to your initial email and vice versa. Each time you respond you must remain in character with your avatar. You must exchange a minimum of 6 emails each. Grading is always a tricky business in education. Professor Sheldon's use of Experience Points XP , based on video game scoring, to replace traditional grading schemes may be the most ingenious and easily transferred game element that benefits learning.

Students begin to earn points and progress the minute they start the course. They move from zero upward, not downward, as in traditional grading schemes. I have taught Secrets five times, and each time the student response to the use of XP over traditional grades has been unanimously positive.

Experience Points also make the use of bonus assignments especially appealing to students.

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More assignments also allow for more feedback, and more feedback allows for more learning i. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Documentary, Mystery Sorted by Popularity Ascending The narrative and engagement with the narrative is primary, so the initial discussion forum always tied in directly to the story at that point in time, requiring students to comment on what Audra Casey or Dale Kenyon said in that episode's video.

Article With Intro Let me return momentarily to the role of the professor as puppet master, and even more so to the role of the professor in an online environment. Past Events! There is more to online learning than writing papers and posting to a discussion board. Jack must solve Lydia's murder and catch the conspirators intent on wreaking international havoc—before the truth about his family catches up with him. The Women of Demonology and Possession. You love me with the passion of a thousand paparazzi after an Emma Stone exclusive. I know. As much as she hated to admit it, Selena was right.

She loved and adored her quacky older cousin more than anything. Lunacy and all. And when would they want me to start? The LaLaurie mansion? Besides, that cynicism will serve us well. Aunt Xilla not included. Will that work for you? Selena looked up from the phone with an arched brow. Honestly, she scares me, too. Until the reality fairy came and slapped her.

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Suddenly terrified, she started searching the sky above them. I know it. And nothing ever worked out for her. She stepped out of her living room to look up at the landing. What do you need? The one you told me to never touch? And I swear to all that is holy, neither me nor the hamster did it. Dread consumed her, and as soon as she saw the broken vase, she knew why.

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Something had caused it to shatter. Why everyone new ran screaming for the door.

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One of the oldest, deadliest beings in the universe had been set loose. Sick to her stomach, she pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed the number of last resort. Eliot groaned. Hunter twisted around to look down. Eliot hung backward, his body dangling. He moved as if every effort cost him greatly.

His undamaged arm lifted something up from his belt— All at once, Hunter processed what Eliot intended to do.

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Blood roared through his ears. Just hold on.

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Hunter ignored everything but the horror that threatened to suck his heart from his chest. He yelped with pain. No time… left. Everything slowed with sickening clarity. Oh, God, no! One quick slash. The blade cut clean through. Hunter lunged, arms reaching into thin air.