S.P.I.R.E. Decodable Readers, Set 5A: If You Cant Say Something Nice (SPIRE)

Anybody's school use Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark System?
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Decodable Readers vs Graded Readers

He is not ready for doing a vocabulary workbook and has vision issues that I also have to keep in mind, which is another reason for looking at your program. He needs more auditory and hands on learning and less time spent doing workbooks like Explode the Code or Wordly Wise.

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I find it so frustrating that our library in St. Physical Science. Energy sources. Thanks for writing a truly decodable reader series! From seed to plant.

Although he likes ETC, he has to go slowly through it and I feel it is holding him back. I am hoping using AAR will help him move forward with his skills without holding him back.


The samples show a mix of Lessons from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to give you an idea of how it progresses. As I mentioned before, we do have a one-year money back guarantee. Please let me know if you have further questions. We have used about all the I can read books at the library, which certainly have some hard words, and would love to try some decodable books.

We are working through All about Spelling and would love the next level.


All about reading looks great and i am hoping to learn more. All about spelling helped my daughter so much. She had been reading at the first grade level for years from PreK to 3rd grade and not making any progress. Now I have to watch her or she will stay up till midnight reading her books. Reading does make a night owl out of some kids!

Your work has paid off! I am so glad that I came across this article!

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I have always wondered what the method behind decodable books was. Thank you for sharing some insight and helping me to understand what I need to keep an eye out for and how best to use your system! My son loves decodable books! All about reading took my 8 y.

She looks forward to the engaging stories and detailed illustrations. Hi Diane—have you seen this article?

What Are Decodable Books?

What level of All About Reading would you recommend for a year-old boy who has had years of phonics training, and even understands the basics, but who still struggles with reading smoothly? He is interested in reading signs and information on cereal boxes, etc. It really depends on where the struggle is for him—is it in not readily knowing certain phonograms?

Is it trouble with breaking down multi-syllable words? And so on. Level 2 covers 3-letter blends like spring, splat, scrub ; two-syllable words with open and closed syllables — hotel, pretend, student; vowel-consonant-E pattern words; VCE syllable combined with closed syllables — reptile; contractions; r-controlled words — her, car, and corn; soft c and g — face, page; past tense — hugged; vowel teams oi, oy, au, aw, ou, ow, oe, and ee; y in shy; wh in wheel; i and o can be long before two consonants as in wild, hold, most, silent e after u or v — have; the third sound of a — all.

Level 4 is the final level of the reading program. At the end of Level 4, students have the phonics and word attack skills necessary to sound out high school level words, though they may not know the meaning of all higher level words. Examples of some of the harder words covered in Level 4 include: acquaintance, aphid, beneficial, boutique, bronchial, campaign, chameleon, chauffeur, consignment, crochet, cuisine, cylinder, deficient, delectable, distraught, entree, epilogue, etiquette, facial, ferocious, glisten, gnashed, gourmet, graduation, guinea, Herculean, heroism, horticulture, hygiene, incompatible, isle, lariat, lasagna, limousine, magnificence, mayonnaise, malicious, meringue, mustache, neighborhood, nuisance, ocelot, onslaught, oregano, pendulum, perceptible, picturesque, plausible, premiere, prioritize, questionnaire, reassign, routine, sanitize, saute, situation, solstice, souvenir, specimen, spectacular, teleportation, temperament, tortilla, unveiled, vogue, warthog, zucchini.

Levels 3 and 4 also cover things like literary analysis for comprehension for example, making predictions and inferences, comparing and contrasting main characters and stories, discussing the main conflict and character transformation , as well as literary terms hyperbole, simile, point of view, and more , reading reference materials, reading with expression, English words with Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian influences, morphology, and much more.

Occasionally, a student is burnt out on reading programs, and sometimes you can use spelling as a back door kind of approach.

Books by Sheila Clark-Edmands

With this method, anything a child can spell, he or she has the skills to sound out. One of the differences that comes into play is when and how that child moves from sounding out to reading fluently and with confidence. However, some parents have successfully built in fluency practice alongside the spelling program, using demonstrations to work on tricky words before having their student read aloud. My child is reading at the 2nd grade level, what level of All About Reading would that be? Thank you for your help in advance!

The levels are not the same as grade levels. You can use the placement tests for AAR to decide which level would be best. I do love the way these books are organized. Everything about it has been thought through to make reading more fun and accessible!

PDF S.P.I.R.E. Decodable Readers, Set 5A: If You Cant Say Something Nice (SPIRE)

I am a grandfather who tries to support a home school program, three hours away from me. My daughter-in-law has expressed a concern about her 7 year old boy not liking to read. She does not have Internet access at home, so online examples of your books do not help. Is there a way you can provide sample content via a pdf or a sample book? However, if you or she would like to call our office, we can narrow down what samples would be most helpful and put together some to mail to you. The illustrations are quite good. I really appreciate these blog posts exploring some of the finer nuances of learning.

My daughter blossomed with Level One this year. She worked through her books and felt such accomplishment with these real books that were attainable, but stretched her as well. The illustrations are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!


S.P.I.R.E. Decodable Readers, Set 5A: If You Can't Say Something Nice (SPIRE) eBook: Sheila Clark-Edmands, Tammie Lyon: consrenfconpedi.tk: Kindle Store. consrenfconpedi.tk: S.P.I.R.E. Decodable Readers, Set 5A: If You Cant Say Something Nice (SPIRE) eBook: Sheila Clark-Edmands, Tammie Lyon: Kindle Store.

These are amazing books. I love how they have benefited both of my children who are so different in their learning abilities. Thank you!! Thank you for the informative blog posts. We enjoy your curriculums and products and look forward to trying more! Decodable books are really important for beginning readers. Thank you for sharing samples of the All About Reading decodable books. Thank you for these programs! The above describes my eldest entirely. She even sat down and read a whole Magic Treehouse book today, and while I can tell she needs more practice, the interest is there because of AAR.

Andrea, What an achievement to read a whole Magic Treehouse book! Congratulations to your daughter. Keep up the great work! My 8yo figured out how to read in spite of my trying to teach her phonics. Her spelling is really improving! My 6yo, on the other hand, latched on to the phonics approach immediately. AAR is working wonders for her! Carly, Great to hear that AAR is working so well with your younger daughter.

Thank you for posting.

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We loved the books that came with All About Reading level 1. It is hard to find beginner readers for kids that are learning to read phonetically. This program really works! We have two dyslexic children,two autistic children and one with cerebral palsy, we will never use another program, the difference is like night and day! Thank you!!! What a blessing. Thank you so much for all of your programs. By the time his younger sister was ready to read and spell she struggled even more than he did.

I was able to use All About Spelling with her.

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She is now in advanced English in high school. Most of them are dyslexic. Jennifer, Thank you so much for the work you do to help students with reading challenges, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with us here. I had been looking for a program for my dyslexic son when I found the Barton Reading system.