Vindictus, The Dark Lord

Vindictus, The Dark Lord
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It's far too --" "Idrial, we need to go. Just trust me please. My concern is what threats are about us here on this mountain.

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If you wish you can have some men stay until we have something 'feasible' I'll make sure they'll be taken care of. The group disperses to make for preparation for the upcoming venture to the peak of the mountain.

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Idrial and Fornost it'd be best for expedition to depart towards the evening as to use the night to disguise their movements. Idrial pays Shawny a visit in her tent before she departs, Shawny is getting her gear ready while the two are talking. You know why I want you on this one right?

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Thanks for your time. Marino Faliero es una tragedia escrita por Lord Byron. Dante would no doubt rule with the same malice he had shown toward his brother. Faliero era miembro destacado la aristocracia Delete this post? To learn more about the latest events in Vindictus visit: www. Attentive players will find footballs scattered around the missions, which can be kicked at boss monsters just think of them as mobile, menacing field goal targets.

This mission has turned out to be far more dangerous than we expected. Lieutenant, the team is ready to leave at your command. Shawny leaves to depart with the expedition. The sun is setting as the leave. Idrial went for a walk to the river nearby, she is sitting kneeled with trees surrounding her presence, she is in her deepest part of thoughts, daydreaming.

A faint wind blowing outside, inside the wind begins to stir also. A faint murmur seems to be growing louder in Idrial's ears, it starts as a whisper but grows until it can be made out. Is that what is called destiny? It's late afternoon and the expedition arrives back, Idrial is sitting privately with Fornost discussing strategic matters when a BlackTornado mercenary informs them the team has arrived.

They decide to walk out to greet them at the stables. We got to the peak and found this large door made of light, but we couldn't go any further, so Muir suggested we turn back. Fornost can I leave you to deal with the debrief? The more people that come the more dangerous it may be. Explain yourself! Everyone's memories have been altered. The last time this happened it was the doing of a god, and I think I know exactly who is behind this.

Halfway up the path Idrial abandoned her steed, the path being too steep for horseback now, making the rest of the way on foot. She drew near to the peak, when a voice boomed over the mountain. It was loud but was youthful as well. Very well, meet me at this mountain's highest point and I will remind Fragrach who it's rightful owner is" says the voice again The voice fell silent again.

What or who is that? I need to get to the bottom of this fast. Night falls the moon and stars have illuminated the sky, Idrial has emerged from the cavern to reach the door made of light. Idrial tries to use her mana to force the door but has failed. What are you doing here I order everyone to not follow me! Who are you exactly Muir!

The man begins to clap and laugh. It's design motif is intricate and regal, this did not look like an ordinary sword in the slightest. Idrial draws out her staff as she charges in to the center of the arena. Lugh vanishes leaving a trace of golden light where he last was. Reappearing behind Idrial, letting out a loud roar as he goes her neck. Idrial instinctively defends herself using her amber shield. Lugh screams in pain as bolts shot up through his platemail. He throws of one of his gauntlets, now damaged. A glowing stone shines a light piercing outwards. Lugh walks over to his trusted spear pulls it out from the ground and vanishes.

He appears meters away from Idrial charging rapidly at her to deliver the final blow. When suddenly a large man, beastly in nature charges to catch the spear in midair, throwing it back to the warrior, piercing Lugh's shoulder. At that moment a flurry of artillery shoots past Idrial exploding in front of Lugh, his guard breaks, dropping Fragrach, freeing Idrial. A team of BlackTornado soldiers swam in to join the fray, led by Fornost brandishing his legendary Cross gun.

He disappears and appears in the middle of the arena.

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The blast is consumed by the orbs cancelling the blast on the ground, the pillars shattered in the process. At that moment Idrial immobilizes Lugh using the gravity around him. Lugh tries to resist Idrial's power with the last semblance of strength he has, almost breaking free, when Shawny steps in, using arcane power slows Lugh down to a halt, while Breaki begins to viciously pound into the fallen hero. Bando readies himself, taking aim.

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Lugh is thrown to the floor, unable to get up, coughing uncontrollably. The path, was too much for you. Stepping forth from the familiar looking energy a being draped in a black hood, bearing, white wings. Cichol, god of the fomors emerges walking towards the lady of light addressing her, and her alone. Under the guise of a greater calling. I promised you a path to Erinn.

With it, I can control life, and time. Obey me. A ray of brilliant light bursts from the hilt of the sword. Time resumed where it left off. Too many have suffered. And Fragrac - " Idrial, understanding what Cichol meant accepts the pact and reaches to claim the sword. Weeks have passed since the Ben Chenner incident.

The Royal Army, led by Lord Ronaun and his brother Riordan, now informed by the Crimson Blades of the land surrounding Ben Chenner, made expeditions beyond the mountain, discovering new fomorian lands, the Lochlann Plains.

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Upon discovering this new fomorian stronghold, has called for various mercenary groups to aid in the assault on the stronghold. The pontiff has also joined convoy, under guise of holy blessing.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I rarely write a strictly romantic story just for the sakeof Vindictus, The Dark Lord - Kindle edition by Nicola C. Matthews. Vindictus, The Dark Lord (Volume 1) [Nicola C. Matthews] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I did not stop to question my motives for trying.

Is that what you're trying to imply? Noticing Blawynn still standing respectfully. As commanded Blawynn informs Aodhan, Idrial, and the other leaders of the various companies of the plan. The BlackTornado, being one of the more competent mercenary guilds takes the lead into the siege of the Lochlann village. As the pontiff was also part of the convoy, he had insisted that a priestess go with the different companies as a means to help combat the dark fomorian magic. Seanna was assigned to the BlackTornados. However, as the guild got further inside, the village appeared to be disease stricken.

The water in the ponds and various water systems, were pink with infection. They made for the depths of the town. The village looked completely run down, as if it had been many winters since humans or fomors lived here, as the party delved further into the village, they encountered more of these deformed creatures, along with larger deformed monsters, oozing out substances that looked toxic to touch.

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They also noticed a large statue of a winged robed human. Better we die to some disease than him. We're going to need a cool head if we're going to - Aahh " Before Idrial could finish her sentence she falls through a hidden crevice into a dark cavern below. Shawny, Fornost, along with several other members of the guild jump down after her. As they jump down they see a vast underground city or rather remnants of one, with great beams of light shooting down from other holes illuminating the depths of the expansive cavern.

The team dropped down onto a damaged tower not far from a wide flatland. Over there! Boss laid unconscious on the far side of the wide expanse. Up there!