Steps for Writing Contest-Winning Essays
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online WINNING ESSAYS file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with WINNING ESSAYS book. Happy reading WINNING ESSAYS Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF WINNING ESSAYS at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF WINNING ESSAYS Pocket Guide. Here they are This year, we are excited to have received entries from thirteen countries and are very grateful to have received such high quality essays from so many talented young writers! We had an extremely tough choice this year to find only one winner and one runner-up for each category and have long discussed your entries Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insights and stories!

And huge Thank You to all who participated and made this competition such a success!

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Even if your entry did not make it into the final selection, be assured that all your efforts are highly valued! Keep on exploring our beautiful world, learning and writing This year's award-winning essays all show a huge level of commitment in learning languages as well as a passion for storytelling. We are very grateful that you all so enthusiastically shared your stories and insights with us!

Now let's see who received our stars this year Please bear with us, while we upload and link to all the excellent essays within the next day or two.

How to Win a Writing Contest (Tips from a Contest Judge)

Thank you for your wonderful essays, we will add links to them here too. But the implementations fail. Is it?

The things you genuinely need to know are that your doctors do not fulfill their responsibilities. They with the profit earning motive, forget the needs of a patient. They irrespective of a healthy income, run away to private hospitals in order to earn more. I wonder why a government doctor cannot be given regular visits by officers to make sure he is working honestly.

I also question you that can you not make sure that every doctor gets the desired salary without corruption so that his greed can be controlled? You might be glad to know that every other teen in this country is suffering from one or the other mental disorder.

It ranges from a minor case of sadness or social negligence to severe cases of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

I would love to know that why can the parents were not made aware via workshops about what exactly their child feels? Why is there a lack of awareness among teens about how to tackle their hormones?

10 Steps to Writing Contest-Winning Essays

While you're working through your writer's block or trying to formulate your ideas for your own essay, take a look at these winning first paragraphs. And here they are! Austen in Pop Culture Books, Objects, etc. Description Access College America , a national provider for college planning guidance, proudly presents a college planning workshop for all families with high school students! Sanjana Guruprasad from the UAE,. There are a lot of women like Sirleaf who can do even more for the world which is why more females should be given the benefit of the doubt, and be provided with space and opportunity to help.

Why can these not be worked on? In this country sex is a taboo. People would never talk about this. They run away.

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It is ignorance that leads to wrong ideologies. Sex education is a must. Making children of age groups aware of what sex is and why is it important and when is it necessary will make a wiser generation. All it needs is a few good workshops. Only when they are taught to respect such a fact will they start valuing life. What are you waiting for? With a grimace on my face and a rage in my heart, I would want to know why can every public washroom not have access to sanitary napkins?

The ability to bleed in order to create a new life is something to be celebrated and not be ashamed of. Women must know that it is their right to have access to sanitary napkins. They deserve it for free and irrespective of that many women of this country use cotton, leaves, leftover clothes and what not to protect themselves? What makes it so hard to make these napkins reach the needy?

You also might like the fact that many lives are lost every day just because there are issues related to cleanliness. There are cases of dengue, zika virus and malaria every now and then. Could you please inform me that why can you not prevent these? Why can public places not be kept clean? Why are the puddles of water never repaired?

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Why are the policy makers so lazy in implementation? There are innumerable issues I can bring up in order to criticize you. Reader Reception, Critical History. Religion, Spirituality.

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Society Class, Rank, Milieu. Teaching Jane Austen. Theater, Theatricals. Writing Style, Genre, Technique, Language. By Work Emma. Lady Susan.

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Mansfield Park. Northanger Abbey. The Watsons. The Juvenilia. Pride and Prejudice. Sense and Sensibility. Other Writings.